Can someone really steal a tower?

Yes.  In fact one of our tower sites was stolen. 

We had a tower in the south part of Logan. The owner of the property that the tower was located on had gone out of business, but continues to own the property. However, the owner did want to sell the property and we moved all of our clients on that tower to other resources, leaving this tower operational but unused. After some time, the power was turned off. We didn’t pay attention to the loss of power since the tower was not being used. We had planned on working a new deal with the new owner of the property when it was sold.  

Instead….   We received a phone message from a local competitor stating that he had went and remove our tower without our permission.   Not only did he steal our equipment and tower, he had the audacity to leave us a message telling us he took it….

We have to love the honesty and integrity of some.  

Thankfully the customers and clients of SourceOne Internet are the BEST! Thank you all for your continued support!

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